Just in: My monkey mind officially announces its theme song

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The all-time preferred lineup of my monkey head (that the Course calls for it my own ego) is how”I enjoy large but I can’t lie”

Fortunately, I am about into this ego’s theme tune. Rather than buying to its “large but crap,” that I decide to concentrate on light and love, to start my new job anyhow, to keep thinking in my TV collection and also to keep on working with Taz daily.

“If you get trapped fighting small battles, it makes you little.”

Ego’s large but already 10:41 and you are only getting started.
Monkey mind does not only LIKE big but is. It rips them out just like parade grinds throw candy.

My greatest view:   Taz and I’m forever connected. Bear in mind that the Henry Scott-Holland proposal, that the point about her only being in another room?
Ego’s large however you frequently feel as the possum that got struck from the Range Rover around on Lyons Street.
My goal: To view my TV show created.

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