222 Forever: A treatise on eternal possibility

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“Love isn’t a gated community”
In position for people that are 24, my daughter Tasman, in her 25 years around Earth, was constant. Sufferers of attacks, 10 girls whose lives are turned upside down with acid thrown on them by those who adored them ’ operate it.
Now, instead of conceal, instead of feel as outcasts, Geeta, her daughter along with eight other girls who endured the identical fate peacefully run Sheroes Hangout. They perform the novels they cook, they still handle boutique and the library. Sheroes Hangout provides absolutely free and coffee meals to anyone who stops, no questions asked.
Here’s the movie about Sheroes I played with .
Yesmy friends s here. The auspicious date when Taz’s 222 Foundation declares receiver numero uno of its yearly $10,222 grant.

Not long after that I had been in Agra, so that the grant in the 222 Foundation of Taz Grout will let them relocate with their new hangout the street close to the café needed to be enlarged.

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